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Mazdaspeed 8" Sticker Gray - Free ShippingZoom

Mazdaspeed 8" Sticker Gray - Free Shipping

Item# Mazda016
Availability: Usually ships the next business day
Mazdaspeed 8" Decal/Sticker - BRAND NEW and made by Mazda! This decal was given out at a local Industry Autoshow to promote the new 03 Mazdaspeed Protegé. Mazdaspeed is Mazda's aftermarket arm and every future Mazda sports car will have a Mazdaspeed version. Mazdaspeed have been known for years to make the best available aftermarket parts for your beloved Miata/RX-7 and etc.   

Fits: Any Mazda Cars (RX-8, RX-7, Miata, Protegé)

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