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Mugen Power 2015 Desktop Calendar 90000-XYW-2015 Zoom

Mugen Power 2015 Desktop Calendar 90000-XYW-2015

Item# Mugen135_Mugen_Power_2015_Desktop_Calendar_90000_XYW_2015
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Mugen Power 2015 Desktop Calendar, Mugen Part Nubmer: 90000-XYW-2015.

Infinite calendar 2015, motor sports calendar representing the powerful that only "real" has drastically. The design of the front and back 2 pattern in each month is prepared, the surface was down take on styling with an emphasis on functional beauty of a racing car and SUPER FORMULA of "TEAM infinite" "SF14", the SUPER GT GT300 class "MUGEN posted machine, a machine that played a class victory and put the historic Isle of Man TT races in the original electric bike "God electricity ginseng (Nitta's)" of the CR-Z GT ". "NSX CONCEPT-GT" of other in SUPER GT GT500 class that involved in engine maintenance, etc. also, WTCC of (World Touring Car Championship) "Honda Civic WTCC" powerful race scene such as Honda urging machine, etc., and of infinite unique and express the commitment. Also, on the back and an emphasis on practicality, adopted a writable simple design. case further employing a movable stand is easily front and back of the switch, it is an excellent desk calendar functionality.

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