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Mugen Power 2016 Desktop Calendar 90000-XYW-2016Zoom

Mugen Power 2016 Desktop Calendar 90000-XYW-2016

Item# Mugen141_Mugen_Power_2016_Desktop_Calendar_90000_XYW_2016
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Mugen Power 2016 Desktop Calendar, Mugen Part Nubmer: 90000-XYW-2016

"Mugen Calendar 2016" is, of infinite "Ikuzo~tsu!" Is the symbol of the fighting spirit that has risen to the extreme fighting spirit of "insight" is represented everywhere, in the "God-electric four (Shin of" TEAM infinite "do and I N) ", it has organized around a photo that" insight "is feature of SUPER FORMULA" SF14 ". Other of involvement in engine maintenance, etc. also, SUPER "NSX CONCEPT-GT" in the GT500 class, "SF14" of other Honda urging of SUPER FORMULA, "Honda Civic WTCC", etc. The force of the WTCC (World Touring Car Championship) the racing scene I have expressed in the commitment infinite unique. In addition, the back side with an emphasis on practicality and a writable simple design, the switching of the front and back by adopting a movable stand becomes easily possible, it has become an excellent desk calendar functionality.

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