Click to enlargePolarg H11 Shinning White Twin Pack 55W=100W Halogen Bulbs

Not In Stock! The Polarg high power Shinning Wizard halogen light bulbs are whiter and much closer to natural sunlight. These light bulbs provide you with more safety and better visibility when driving during nighttime and bad weather. Perfect for your replacement headlight bulbs. Shinning Wizard halogen replacement headlight bulbs deliver 100-watt performance in a 55-watt bulb and produce brightness and intensity approaching that of High Intensity Discharge (HID) lights. Shinning Wizard halogen light bulbs also last longer than regular replacement headlight bulbs.

Polarg manufacturing, a big name in the Japanese lighting market, makes lighting equipment for cars, trucks, airplanes and maritime uses. Armed with over 10 years of experience manufacturing light bulbs, the Polarg High Power Halogen Shinning Wizard Light Bulbs are now available for your pleasure. Buy Polarg Shinning Wizard Halogen replacement headlight bulbs with confidence. JDM Polarg Shinning Wizard H11 High Power Halogen light bulbs feature:

*Japanese-made with high quality material
*One pair of H11 Polarg halogen Shinning Wizard light bulbs
*Color temp of headlight replacement bulbs: 5000K
*Standard wattage: 55W - performance like 100W brightness
*Forget the expensive HID lights. Order your Polarg H11 Shinning Wizard halogen replacement headlight bulbs today!