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Seeker Steering Wheel Black Red Stitch 325mm Pre-OrderZoom

Seeker Steering Wheel Black Red Stitch 325mm Pre-Order

Item# Seeker_Steering_Wheel_325mm
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Here is the description from SEEKER of Japan:

It is Kodawari of the steering wheel in pursuit of the sport driving, including race, and the like. The high rigidity and a 6061 aluminum alloy 5t with excellent corrosion resistance using the base frame epidermis was arrogance luxury smooth leather. (Using a punching leather to 9 o'clock, 3 o'clock in order to improve the familiar) Grip has adopted a finger Gakari good shape a slightly thick as can be driving and disconnect the power. Stitch of the portion of force is applied does not have a worry that leather may come off even if I use it for many years I have been put in a cross-shaped. In addition to place a well-balanced logo and the top mark and our slogan to several places body finished in a stylish design. "R-SPIRIT" horn button of the dedicated will be attached.

■ Specifications:
Steering outer diameter: 325mm
Frame: 6061 aluminum alloy 5t
Stitch: Red color of the cross-stitch
Wrapping Material: Luxury Black smooth leather (partially use the punching leather)
Embroidery: surface 6 o'clock in SEEKER logo, top mark at 12 o'clock, our slogan on the back 12 o'clock embroidery
Horn: Dedicated "R-SPIRIT" horn button included

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