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Spoon Sports Civic FK7 Thermostat 19301-FK7-000Zoom

Spoon Sports Civic FK7 Thermostat 19301-FK7-000

Item# Spoon_Sports_168_Civic_FK7_Thermostat_19301_FK7_000
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Spoon Sports Civic FK7 Thermostat Part Number: 19301-FK7-000. Fits 2016+ Civic FK7 Hatchback, FC1 Sedan. Made In Japan.

Spoon's thermostat commences opening at 68C and is fully opened at 80C, thus improving cooling performance. Factory thermostat is 81C start temperature and 90C fully opened.

In order to increase the cooling efficiency, it is effective to raise the capacity of the radiator and to thermostat at the same time. By lowering the genuine ratio by approximately 10C for both valve opening and full opening temperature, it is possible to fully demonstrate the cooling effect of the radiator.

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