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Spoon Sports EK9/DC2/ZF1 4 Pot Monoblock Caliper 45020-MBF-G00/G01Zoom

Spoon Sports EK9/DC2/ZF1 4 Pot Monoblock Caliper 45020-MBF-G00/G01

Item# SPN092
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The development of aluminum calipers at Spoon has started in February 1997. Extensive circuit testing was conducted, CAE analysis was implemented at the design stage, and on-vehicle confirmation of shearing strength and fatigue strength was carried out. In March 1998, the basic performance offinal die parts has been confirmed, final testing was finished during the month of June, and a satisfactory product was realized. In contrast to single-side push calipers, the opposing type of caliper has been designed with a high degree of body stiffness; consequently, the dragging torque value can be lowered and displacement under high oil pressure can be essentially ignored. The 16 inch size for S2000 is monochrome block structure, uses the metallic mold of exclusive use and casts it precisely. The Spoon S2000 monoblock calipers can be used with factory brake pads and save a good deal of weight off the stock units. Factory weight is 4.7kg each and the Spoon Sports calipers are a mere 2.6kg.

Fits: EK9 Type Rs, JDM DC2 98 Spec Type Rs, ALL USDM DC2 Type Rs and CR-Zs.

Large Rotor is required 300mm. CLICK HERE Spoon Sports Rotor reference part number: 45251-5H11416. With these Rotors, Caliper Kit will be bolt on your EK9 Type Rs, JDM DC2 98 Spec Type Rs, ALL USDM DC2 Type Rs and CR-Zs.

Here's how the item looks like with the use of the Spoon Sports 300mm Larger Rotors (45251-5H11416)

Here's how the actual items looks like and is exactly what you're getting.

Included Hardware and Bracket Kit:

MONO Block Calipers Installation Tips (Comes with English and Japanese not pictured):

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