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Spoon Sports S2000 Aero Bumper Version2 71101-AP1-001 Pre-OrderZoom

Spoon Sports S2000 Aero Bumper Version2 71101-AP1-001 Pre-Order

Item# Spoon_Sports135_S2000_Stai_Aero_Bumper_Version2_71101_AP1_001
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Spoon Sports S2000 Aero Bumper Version2 Part Number: 71101-AP1-001. Fits all AP1-AP2 S2000s.

Description from Google Translate:

We have developed a S2000 aero parts from 2007 with a spoon, and has demonstrated excellent performance in the super endurance race, etc., but pursue further aero dynamics, we launched a new front / rear bumpers for S2000.

You can get the downforce by the battle turned from last year, a performance that surpasses the old while a simple design, and at the same time reduce the air resistance, to control the air flowing through the bottom of the vehicle body.

This aero, on which can maximally utilize the power of the engine, without reducing the utmost speed and in the corner, and can withstand lateral G, it is also valid for the fuel secondarily.

Developed using the CFD analysis of the state-of-the-art, review how the flow of air to the engine hood from the front bumper, And reduce the air resistance by the gentle shape. And generate a downforce remembering same effect as the canard mounted by inflating than pure bumper ends Furthermore, the lower gouging. Also, I generate the effect of sucking out the air inside of the wheel arch to use the flow of the air. It could be confirmed by the effects described above to perform fluid analysis.

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