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JDM Accord Euro R Intake Manifold Prelude BB6 H22

JDM Accord Euro R Intake Manifold Prelude BB6 H22

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Intake Manifold from JDM Euro Accord Type R. BRAND NEW in JDM factory packaging. Factory single butterfly intake manifold. Works on any H or F series DOHC VTEC engine with necessary parts. One of the best bolt-on modifications for your H22-series engine! Please do your research as to what else you might need to get this install.

This is a special intake manifold, because unlike the dual-butterfly configuration found on the Prelude H22, this manifolds configuration is like that of the Integra Type-R....single butterfly with shorter intake runners. This intake manifold is specifically designed to fit on the Accord Euro-R, so when purchasing, please be aware that modification is needed to ensure proper installation and operation. However, when this piece is installed correctly, the engine gains about 6-8 horsepower throughout the power band over the factory unit. Horsepower gains will vary depending on your engines setup configuration.

Fits: Will fit any H/F series DOHC VTEC engines.

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