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USDM Honda Genuine Oil Filter Filtech Blue 15400-PLM-A01

USDM Honda Genuine Oil Filter Filtech Blue 15400-PLM-A01


USDM Honda Genuine Oil Filter Blue 15400-PLM-A01. Unlike other oil filters, Genuine Honda Oil Filters are designed to give your Acura maximum protection and improved engine life. These weights 7.4 oz compared to the -A02 which weights only 6.4 oz.

Fits: ALL 88-00 fuel injected Honda engines, as well as the 03' Civic Si, 06+ Civic and Civic Sis, Integra B18C, B18C1 and B18C5s and the RSX, and RSX Type-S K20A as well as H22A.

Technical summary from MikeQBF of

The felt-like polyester material which seals the ends of the pleating enough to prevent bypass. The base gasket is special to Honda. It is a half-round design, with a flat surface against the baseplate but a curved surface against the block. Another unique feature is a semi-labyrinth seal between the anti-drainback valve and the filter core - best seal of the bunch. The filter media from the rest, which appears to be more of a synthetic weave than a treated paper. It had the most filter area of our sample set - by far - at 151 square inches, the result of deep pleating. This is clearly the best filter when compared to these filters (Honda 15400-PLM-A02, Fram Extra, Bosch Premium, Mobil 1 M1 and the Amsoil SDF13) by an immense margin.

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