Click to enlargeUSDM 2001 Integra Type R ITR B18C5 VTEC Cylinder Head BRAND NEW


Genuine USDM 2001 Integra Type R B18C5 Complete Head. BRAND NEW IN BOX. Pre-assembled with the valves, guides and springs.

Also includes:

o Intake Camshaft.
o Exhaust Camshaft.
o Rocker arms.
o Intake valves.
o Exhaust valves.
o All valve springs.
o Valve guides.
o Lost motion sensors.
o Rocker orifices.
o Rocker arm valve shafts.
o Sealing bolts and washers.
o Cam plug and cam seals

* Please note that the 00-01 ITR's Intake camshaft have the same profile as the JDM EK9 Civic Type R which is the most aggressive cam Honda ever made for the B series. Both of these CTR/00/01 ITR have 2 Engraved Rings (see 5th pictures below).

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