JRZ RS Double Adjustable Twin Tube Damper JDM/USDM DC2 Integra Type R (IN STOCK) FREE SHIPPINGZoom

JRZ RS Double Adjustable Twin Tube Damper JDM/USDM DC2 Integra Type R (IN STOCK) FREE SHIPPING

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JRZ RS Double Adjustable Twin Tube Damper JDM/USDM DC2 Integra Type R.

Fits all: 97-01 JDM DC2 Type R, 97-01 USDM Type R, 94-01 JDM Integra DC2s, 92-95 JDM EG6. Any USDM DC2 or EG6 with the JDM rear Lower Control Arm. And any USDM/JDM EF8/EF9 with EG Front Wishbone and Rear JDM DC2 Rear Lower Contol Arm.

We can help you determine your spring rate needs for your specific application and use, give us a call or send us an email/message.

For Spring Rate References lbs/in to kg/mm: 224lb/4kg, 280lb/5kg, 336lb/6kg, 392lb/7kg, 448lb/8kg, 504lb/9kg, 560lb/10kg, 616lb/11kg, 672lb/12kg, 728lb/13kg, 784lb/14kg, 840lb/15kg, 896lb/16kg, 952lb/17kg. For every 1 kg add 56 lbs/in.

• 22mm piston rod
• Pre-set high gas pressure
• Piston developed for street and track
• Double adjustable
• 14 clicks compression
• 24 clicks rebound
• No canister
• Large adjustment range
• Easy installation
• Long service life
• Street ride racing performance
• Applications available for prepared & stock class racing Street/DE, club racing, prepared class racing
• Hyperco main springs included

Description from JRZ Website:

The JRZ damper is an advanced development in high performance shock absorbers. The JRZ RS is a high gas pressure double adjustable twin tube damper, without the use of an external reservoir.

Applying our race winning technology, JRZ designed the JRZ RS to give precise chassis control when driving on track and ultimate comfort for daily driving. Easy to install, the JRZ RS is available as a complete kit with mounting hardware and springs for all applications we support.

Following JRZ’s design philosophy, the JRZ RS has a large 22 mm diameter piston rod in strut applications and a 16 mm in aluminium damper applications. This means responsive chassis control at even the smallest suspension movements.

The large piston rod in combination with the high nitrogen gas pressure creates a lifting force giving great chassis control without using a high spring rate.

Our twin tube design uses a smaller diameter piston that gives a smooth feel during street driving. Working in conjunction with our blow off compression valving patterned from our racing dampers, the JRZ RS valving is the perfect marriage between daily driving and club racing.

To work with all ranges of spring and driver needs, the JRZ RS has an extra large adjustment range. With a few clicks you can turn your smooth street car into a crisp, rock solid track car in seconds.

Detail Pictures of the front and rear adjustments knobs for compression and rebound dampening:

Helper Springs and Retainers Made by HyperCoil(HyperCo):

Springs Made by HyperCoil(HyperCo), Specs shown 2.25"x 6"x 450/550 Pound Spring:

Spherical Bearing Top Hats Made by Karcepts:

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